About Us.

It is the heart of our Father in Heaven to see lifestyles that reflect the kingdom culture on earth. As we know, Citizens of any country display their culture in their dress, languages, eating habits, values, morals and so on, and culture manifests itself in ways that citizen of any country lives. Hence, DKINGDOMFASHIONS, as members of one family; it is our vision to work for the advancement of the kingdom of heaven through the reflection of the heavenly culture here on earth.    

We chose, therefore, to make our moves towards the vision with the few steps. Our first step would focus on serving designed T-shirts, hoodies, and so on to the public, and that primarily will work in expressing the values, principles and precepts of the word of God and displaying the nature of the culture of heaven. 

Further, our goal is also to work hard to inspire a diverse community in a meaningful way by using arts, creative designs and written statements in our websites and other pages. Ultimately, that will result in the advancement of the kingdom God, which is the great commission.

Our vision is vast, and we have many ready to go designs coming soon. The future is bright in advancing the kingdom of God to impact the earth with His will and intention and expressing the original plan of God for Humankind !!!